Cohort 2019

Our second cohort is made up of 4 companies across various industries. The startups work with us over a 4-month period to refine their businesses and prepare for growth.


GeroCare is an affordable subscription-based medical service for the elderly that entitles them to regular doctor home visits. The service advocates preventive healthcare for the elderly as opposed to waiting until something goes wrong. Loved ones can provide access to regular medical care for their ageing parents or family in Nigeria irrespective of where they live or work.

Simbi Interactive

Simbi is using interactive questioning and answering to help students learn, master and evaluate themselves in any topic in any subject. The learning process is interactive, personalized and can be done anywhere at any time.


E-estate is a mobile/web solution that helps estates managers coordinate their affairs and interaction with residents effectively. The company offers a cloud-based solution that can be accessed by residents and estate managers through a mobile app that is available on both Android and iOS platforms