Honeywell Group

The Honeywell Group was founded over 45 years ago with the spirit of enterprise at the core of its existence and business development activities.

In later years, and recognising the transformational impact enterprise can make on our world, the Group redefined its mission statement and in turn refined our approach to doing business to "using enterprise to make our world better".

In the last four decades, the Group has developed into one of Nigeria's leading corporates with businesses across major sectors in the economy, including Foods, Real Estate, Energy and Services.

The Group continues to build businesses and expand into new sectors. Despite our growth, the startup culture remains ingrained in our DNA.

We are passionate about impacting in our country and economy and believe that by building and partnering with others to build enduring businesses, we are securing the future.

Our desire is to facilitate rapid growth of innovative startups and transform them into strategic enterprises that will further propel economic growth, thereby impacting social and human development

Dr Oba Otudeko
Chairman, Honeywell Group

We see Itanna as fulfilment of our mission to “use enterprise to make our world better.” We want to breathe life into the dreams of aspiring entrepreneurs. Itanna is The Future. We will identify, support and partner with people and businesses that will revolutionize and transform the market place and create the future of business; through this, we will build on the entrepreneurial legacy of our Group.

Obafemi Otudeko
Executive Director, Honeywell Group